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Polaris Ranger Roof Mount Radio (all models but 900)

Please call 1-352-287-2606 for all orders and any questions that you may have.


FITMENT: Universal for all UTV’s or any vehicle with a FLAT, non contoured roof


  • Price: $549.00 for Complete Blue Tooth Radio
  • Price: $269.00 (box without radio, antenna or speakers… includes box, switches and dome light only) Call for an empty box.
  • Radio box constructed of sturdy Aluminum Diamondplate. Dimensions are W=26.5 x L=9.5 x H=5.0
  • Pioneer Blue Tooth Radio complete with remote control and compatible with aux. jack.
  • Speakers – (2) 6.5 inch matching speakers
  • Dome Light at base of box.
  • Uses all stainless steel hardware, waterproof washers and self locking nuts.
  • The radio box is sandblasted and powder coated matte black.

The Polaris Ranger Radio box mounts on the underside of any of our aluminum roofs. It may fit on other brands of roofs provided the roof has a flat mounting surface and is large enough. The radio system is fully self contained with speakers and antenna. The systems switches are supplied but you supply the wire to the power source.

radio box

face off of radio