FTD Cabs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Where is your product made?
Here in the USA and we’re darn proud of it. Nothing is made outside this Country!

Will I have to dial 1 for English?
No. You will probably get Marty on the phone. He doesn’t speak any other languages and he doesn’t live in India. He also knows the product and the vehicles they fit. If a message is left, he will return the call. I promise!

How will smaller items ship?
All small items are shipped FedEx unless specified otherwise. “Otherwise” may lead to additional shipping costs.

How are the roofs shipped?
All of our roofs are one piece construction to prevent leaks, rattling and in general, it’s just a better method of roof construction. Our standard cab roofs ship FedEx package and can be delivered to a residence at no additional charge. A crew cab roof is a large item, they ship truck freight. Truck freight isn’t nearly as expensive as most people think when compared to UPS etc. Many times it is cheaper and faster.
Shipping to a non residential business address or freight terminal will be the least expensive.

Can I use my own UPS, FedEx or LTL/truck freight account?
Absolutely, we do it all of the time. For larger items such as roofs and front windows there will be a $15.00 – $25.00 charge for the crate materials.

Will you ship your product internationally?
Yes but we have no control over what the receiving Country charges for fees/taxes.

If I don’t want to/cannot fit the product myself, how much would it cost for a shop to fit?
Most shops have an hourly rate between $60.00-$80 .00. Installation time on a full cab system will not take more than 45-60 minutes. We can ship the product to any location and they can do the work for you.

Why are your roofs $100.00 more?
We use 1/8 inch aluminum. Not 1/16 inch or .625. We’ve seen everything from motion picture cameras to machine guns to several hundred pounds of deer feed on our roofs with no issues whatsoever.

The dust in my Ranger is horrible!
Call us. 352-287-2606 We have an app for that.

Will the paint chip or flake?
We do not paint our product. We powdercoat a sandblasted surface. Imagine painting 80 grit sandpaper, it isn’t coming off.

Will the product rust?
No. All material used is aluminum and almost all mounting hardware is stainless steel.

Will I need to drill, grind, weld anything?
No. Everything bolts on very securely using the hardware supplied using very few handtools.

But you use Plexiglass?
No we don’t. We use a 1/4 inch, surface hardened acrylic that is very similar to the canopy material used in light aircraft. MR10 is an equivalent product. Can it scratch? Yes but with minimal care it will last the lifetime of the vehicle and then some. Being 1/4 inch it is also fully trailerable should you wish and much stronger than glass.

Can I trailer the vehicle with your cab system?
We recommend removal of the front and rolling up the rear window. This is only for gas mileage concerns as towing with these components left on will drop mileage 3-5 mpg. At a minimum we suggest you roll up the rear window. Our roof can be towed at any sane speed. Yes, even Texas speeds.