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Polaris Ranger Roofs and Aluminium UTV Cab Accessories.

Polaris Ranger Roofs and Accessories
regardless of size, style or year.
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900 570 dirt stoppersMake clean up a lot faster and easier by using our Dirt Stoppers. These fit all XP900 and full size XP570 machines from 2013-2016. These fit both Standard and Crew Cab Polaris Rangers that are full size.
These come shipped with the hardware required (all stainless) and fit in to existing holes. No drilling required so install only takes a few minutes. If you have Nerf Bars trimming will be required.
Shown in the picture is also our XP900 Exhaust Shield. This isn’t included with the Dirt Stoppers and only fit the 2013 model year.
2013 XP900’s did not have any exhaust shield.

A little about our Polaris Ranger roofs and why you should be using one!
1. It will be the last one you will ever buy for your UTV. Our roofs mount to the roll cage securely. They will not blow off like many poly roofs including OEM. We hear it at least once a week how someones roof came off on the highway. Really we do.
2. Our roofs, as are all of our products, are light and strong. We’ve never made them any other way. They have always been made using 1/8 inch aluminum and no matter the model or size they are all one piece construction. Does your crew cab roof leak at the seams? Does it weigh so much you can feel it on the ride? Ours wont!
3. For what they are, they’re the least expensive on the market and we try very hard to keep it that way. Before you buy any roof, including ours, shop around and compare the differences. We’re confident that you will agree ours are the best value for your hard earned money.
4. Customer Service. We’re passionate about it! Give us a call. We’re familiar with just about everyone’s needs. From Iraq to Alaska and all points in between our roofs withstand the abuse of machine guns to water pumps to decoy bags.
5. Everything we make is made here in The U.S.A. Nothing is farmed out overseas, nor will it ever be.


We stand behind our products, and sometimes on them.

2013 Polaris Ranger XP900 XP 900 Roof

Polaris Ranger roof above fits all 2013 to 2016 Polaris Ranger XP900 and
2015 to 2016 XP570 full size Polaris Rangers.
900-570 Ranger Crew roofs are also available.

Tired of leaky plastic roofs? Need something strong enough to support heavy gear?
Our durable,  lightweight roofs are all one piece aluminum construction and are built to last!

Just some of the advantages of our Aluminum UTV Cab systems over the competition

polaris ranger 900 roof

  • We use 1/8th inch aluminum, twice as thick as the competition and less than half the weight as many. Our roofs can support hundreds of pounds and are used by our military here, the Mid East and many places in between.
  • Our aluminum is sand blasted and then powder coated for durability. It wont chip, rust and is strong enough to handle any of your needs.
  • Our cabs are built for function and simplicity. With our roof rack and front hood rack installed the carrying capacity is greatly increased.
  • Your choice of color. Matte Black, we have just the color you want.
  • Our UTV systems are easy to install. A full cab system can be installed in an hour with nothing more than a few wrenches and a possible screwdriver.
  • The front Plexiglas windshield and rear vinyl window can be removed and re-installed in seconds for trailering to your hunting or work site. Want a durable fold down windshield? We have that also.
  • There are no holes to drill into the roll bar (ROP) or body that would weaken or damage the components. Everything is mounted using heavy duty clamps or insulated bolts. No metal to metal contact prevents scratches and rattling of the components.
  • Everything from FTDCabs.com is made to extremely high quality standards and is 100% American Made. Should you have any questions we are here to help.

FTDCabs.com now has products for those of you that have a UTV other than a Polaris Ranger. Whether it’s a RZR, Rhino, Prowler or Mule we have the items that are strong, simple and will keep the elements off of you. They remove in seconds and are extremely rugged. These Aluminum accessories are all made by hand here in the U.S. Their quality is as good as it gets and they are plenty rugged for everyday use. Shipping is generally less than 5 business days. Due to inventory and/or weather this may not be the case. Please call 1-352-287-2606 for all orders or any questions that you may have.

We ship World Wide.